Monday, December 29, 2014

Intrinsic Joy

As the sun was tinting the eastern horizon, casting it's soft pink glow across the landscape, I donned cap and coat and went for an early morning walk. The world lays under a blanket of white.. The snow- covered magnificent Rockies still towering strong and handsome in the background.

The world is quiet, soul is quiet, peaceful..

enter my cozy and warm home, it's twinkling Chrsitmas lights, with a soul that carries the warmth also. I am reminded again that a soul whose refuge is in the Lord, does indeed experience a peace that passeth all understanding, as Scripture says. A life that cherishes and holds close her Lord, is not defined, cannot even be defined in anything of this world, save Jesus Christ, He alone is the definition.

He offers peace when otherwise there would be no peace. He offers rest when there are no easy answers. He offers joy no matter what the circumstances. His love fills and ultimately spills over in a life who cherishes Him. 

To me, this is absolutely the most beautiful...

 I have seen many a person whose smile is literally from the heart and their laughter comes from deep inside somewhere. An outflow of a well springing with eternal life that is always overflowing just as our Lord has promised.
 The ever present soft glow surrounds their lives as I saw on my morning stroll...something beautiful, magnificent..a strength that seems to be everywhere present..I cannot explain it and realize that it can only be defined in Jesus Christ.

To me, this is the most beautiful...

When I see young mommies in the grocery store who smiles on their children with love, I applaud them.. An older couple whose years of faithful toil, marking their brow, loving, enjoying their last remaining years together, I applaud them and a sadness touches me as I think how this world is loosing something very valuable with the passing of that generation. When I see beautiful families whose children reminds me of the song, "Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight" and I smile inside as I witness the beauty of their adoptions, I applaud them.

When I see mommys and daddys just like Mike and I, busying raising their kiddos amidst bringing in the bread and butter on single incomes, all the while cherishing each other and continuing to build and nurture their future together, I applaud them.

And if I listen, just still myself and listen closely.....all these are living in the music, the soft glow, from the same beautiful song..
*beauty with scars (a lovely medal of victory won)
*agape love ( much, much richer than our own, even tho we would have loved our best)
*obedience, humility (Christ truly is much much more noble than we could ever be on our own)

All these different stories on different walks of life, experience rainy days and even stormy days, but they all believe the same beautiful Truth~the Son will shine. He offers them peace when otherwise their would be no peace. He offers them His rest when there are no clear answers..and like my mommy always said, "The proof is in the pudding." And that my friend, would be the over flowing and ever glowing, always present "Joy" that surrounds such a life.

The most absolute astounding and magnificent beauty is this: 

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him
should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:
I am come that they might have life,
 and that they might have [it] more abundantly." John 10:10

                                It's all gift wrapped and ready for the next reaching soul(s). 







Saturday, December 27, 2014

Choosing the Music Over the Noise

As we found ourselves busier than we tho't possible, raising our first child, well meaning people would add their depressed comments so to prepare us for what lies ahead..

As the years slipped by, we continued to receive preparational advice ( much of which we didn't ask for ;) ) about what to expect as we raise, our now, several children.

Sill the years went by, and God would bump us into families that hadn't lost their vision for their parenting and we would catch the perfume of something different...a different kind of music met our ears. It had a beautiful sound, contrary to the noise and clatter of the other...

Looking back it seemed like it was thro' the fog, something greater, something higher, nobler, was calling us... I now know it was the fresh voice of the Holy Spirit. It was awakening within our soul, a longing so deep, to search out this that God was laying on our heart, that it wouldn't be quenched.

Amidst the normal and mundane challenges of life, God was indeed calling us to something higher and nobler..."faithful is He who calleth you, who also will do it"...has been the testimony that has filled our life.

Even tho' for most of our married life, we were in desert settings spiritually, God kept stirring the embers of our soul and we found a great cry welling up within us, to seek out what this was. 

God miraculously transformed our marriage in those years and He sent beautiful families across our path that majorly impacted the vision that He was birthing within us for our family raising, marriage, and life.
I found my handsome Mike stepping up to the plate of fatherhood, and loving attentive husband,  determined to hit a home run, not
because he was confident that he could, but because he was confident that God would. To be honest in admitting he did not want to follow the footsteps of men before him who cause their sons to rebel, but to be the dad they need, a dad who blesses them, praises them and is there for them, guiding them and communicating with them. To be their first hero. It was contrary to the lies we've been fed most of our life. Truth waged a mighty battle within our hearts and it swings some serious blows.


We've had to let God do His beautiful sifting in our hearts and separate the noise and clutter, from the music and beauty He wanted to build upon in our lives. We had to trust Him when we were called to live differently than our upbringing. It has been a time of much prayer. Much soul-searching. Having to allow ourselves to be stretched, and allow God to show us His pattern for parenting. And to make the needful changes in our life so we can be the parents to these kiddos that would win their hearts instead of turning them away. And we're still growing, still learning. And meanwhile tasting the beauty of our little family! :) 

We are a continual work in progress and we are excited! Sometimes when we hear Scripture explained to a greater level of understanding than we've ever been used to, it can almost be frustrating! Because it seems so simple that how could we have not known it! But we rest in the Soverignty of our great God that we are confident in. We know He loves our precious children even more than we do, and that is what we rest in that God will continue to reach into our home and family and complete His work. We anticipate our tomorrow's. Some of the lies have been that someday our children will pull away from us in rebellion. They won't want to be seen with us. I remember as a younger mommy fearing that, as so many other "so called Christians" kept warning me of. I would kind of watch for our oldest to turn his heart from us. Then we would see these beautiful Godly families and it was in complete opposite of the lies. Faithfully the Holy Spirit convinced me that God's beautiful design for families was possible in Him. I've stopped believing the lies awhile back now, as there was no place in my heart to room both and have any kind of peace. 


Now our oldest is over 14 years old (15 years old now! ;) ) and he is such a blessing in our lives! 


He still flashes me his boyish smile across the room and it definitely causes his mommy's heart to sing for joy!! As he is reaching these youth years, we have been savoring his friendship, his trust, and his choice to walk in integrity and honor. He loves the Lord Jesus! His heart is passionate for God's stuff and God's pattern for manhood. We are honored to call him our son. The choices he is making in his life, amazes us, and we are excited at his future. Just last night I shared with him how he inspires us. He truly does!! When fear tries to rear its ugly self in my life with all it's what ifs.. What if you did not give him the training he needs to keep him faithful? What if lust creeps into his life? I choose to believe, that even admidst our parenting mistakes and inconsistancies at times, that our God is so much bigger than that. Then this mommy chooses instead to pray big prayers for her children. I just recently began to pray differently. Instead of asking that they have the strength to say no to lust and temptations, I pray that the God of strength would come in and fill them with His strength. That is where my confidence rest~in God. 

                        He which hath begun a good work will finish it, scripture promises us. :)


(A reminder about our adoption...If you missed the announcement see our older post,  "Twice the Blessing and Double the Expectancy!"

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas!

There is something about the sights, sounds, and taste of Christmas that stirs within me the memories past and the new ones we're making as even now we live in the glow of cherish-able moments. I know of no other birthday that arouses so much peace, joy, and celebration...except for the birthday of a King!! The celebration that goes on for weeks, but that seem as just days when December 25th actually arrives!

The soft flicker of candles, the mesmerized lullabies of our son finger picking Silent Night..or hearing the sweet words of Oh Holy Night (Which has become another favorite of was one of my daddy's favorite too. Maybe that's why it stirs me so!)

I also love the brighter lights of Christmas and the glorious proclamation of the more upbeat songs as Joy to the World!! The festivity that reminds us that truly and awesomely there is joy to the world because a King has truly come!! The holiday cookies that kids have lavishly sprinkled with colored sugars, the jovial tones as daddy whips up homemade is all good. 

Interesting enough, 
I remember reading that, long ago God pronounced something else good. The beautiful world He created. It's sad that sin tainted this beauty, but the hope that we have in Christ, the assurance of His redeeming work on the cross returns to us the joy of celebrating!! And with it the return of beauty!! And in light of that, the age old~that miraculously never grows old, beauty, is all good!! I am exhilarated to remember He created us to love beauty!! 

The light in children's eyes, their overflowing enthusiasm and excitement, their contagious smiles and laughter fill our home, and I am reminded again to embrace even closer the eternal gift I have been given! And in turn our smiles become contagious! Our excitement and enthusiasm and the light in our eyes is truly a reflection of the candle burning in all it's luscious glow  within our heart, spilling
over no matter where we are and who we meet.

Here's a touching song by Cris Rice-Go Light Your World
 And something happens...something only He can do...souls are drawn and  pointed, guided once again by that Star Light. The sweet rescued souls ponder their Silent Night Holy Night reflectively, and as His peace washes over them...all becomes bright.. And a great anthem breaks forth as morning light in all it's glory as they truly taste for themselves, that because of Christ, the joy is theirs in this world!!!

This is so awesome!! The ever-living, breathing, life changing, peace in abundance, life in Christ! It is all good, and our celebration flows from us from truly all that we've been living, tasting all year! 

                                                      A Merry Christmas to you all!


                                        May His Light fill your heart with peace
                                                            and joy all year!!

(A reminder about our adoption...If you missed the announcement see our older post,  "Twice the Blessing and Double the Expectancy!"

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Mind Of Christ

I am not sure that this blog will answer the serious question of, "What exactly is the mind of Christ" but perhaps it will lead you to the precious feet of our Saviour and seek the answer from Truth Himself.

Recently, a certain debate, had this argument of the mind of Christ. I saw the stones of piety and religion thrown and sincere answers misinterpreted self composed respones of each ones view were given, about a particular situation, of what is the mind of Christ.
It has stirred myself to much thought...and I have come up guilty. 

We can zoom in on a certain area or two and form to ourself of what the mind of Christ is, and walk away feeling just pretty good about it and perhaps our conclusion is a good one in that particular area.
But if we look at it Biblically you can't take the mind of Christ on as a clothing accessory that some days you wear and somedays you do not. 

And that's where my guilt has recently been. Not intentionally, and yet, quite intentional.....

A few weeks ago, I was walking in a lovely and charming mountin town with my little family. 
I saw and heard there the shuffling footsteps of a man and a bit later, as I paused to look through a store window with my little ones, and he walked past, I smelled the awful stench, the telltale signs of his bondage. 

What is the "Mind of Christ?" Not just in the situations that we feel like excercising it but what is the  "Mind of Christ" in its entirety?

You know, that night, I knew what I should do.... Let me tell you a very short story...

About 12 years before my birth, another old drunk, perhaps sober for the moment, was walking toward a local bar when he encounted a group of strangers holding an evangelistic street meeting...who would have thought that this broken piece of man would start sobbing, convicted of the Holy Spirit, and of the empowering love of Christ Himself as He reached this broken miserable piece of clay?!

That man, was my daddy..(For more check out the blog post, "Filthy Rags Transformed into Armor of Honor". )

Now, you understand better the sorrow I have carried since that day, a few weeks ago, of not truly being the hands and feet of Christ to this wasted bit of drunken man...I knew the secret to life abundantly for him, and I did nothing about it. Or in otherwards, I did not embrace the beautiful mind

 of my Christ.

So back to the debate...We do not need arguementive debates that are oft times filled with self righteousness. Christ has something greater for us!
Today, I am deeply grateful to realize that God truly has a greater answer. It has set my soul to love wholly, free to worship, and free to allow the Holy Spirit's convicting voice speak into my life! And therefore free to live victoriously! Thank You Jesus!! 
And it's His gift to each one. May you allow Christ to clothe you with Himself and experience the abundant life He's promised and therefore, truly receive His mind also.