Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Wow, I think this was the longest gap between my blogs! So much life...so many directions for my attention to be..
Yet when it all boils down to one simple truth is that I must let God keep me "all in" for my mothering even amidst having to temporary set aside other "important" pursuits. 

My most important pursuits are my nurturing relationship in Jesus Christ. Being sensitive to His growing me, stretching me, and pressing me in Him. 

Then it's being a loving nurturing sweetheart to my Mike and "all in" sweet mommy to all our adorable kiddos. Meeting all the unique needs while raising a precious family.  

All the other important things can flow in and out from that, but when super crowded seasons come it's my relationship with Jesus, and my little family that must continually be at the forefront~it's the most important work. 

I love blogging, I love friendships, I love sharing the Plexus health and wellness products from home, (getting to bless my little family with the added income) but that must all stay secondary as important as they are. 

So often it seems in life our human nature lets the most important callings be crowded out and it's my heart to not do that! As you've noticed through the years, I rarely get more than one blog a month up. ;) But being a full time mommy and not relying on outside help in our home, needless to say, keeps me plenty busy~and being a nurturing sweetheart and mommy, cozy homemaker and creater of cozy spaces in our home is something I don't bulk or try to shrug off, I love it!!!

My greatest joys in life are truly loving Jesus and my sweet little family well!! 

We are excited that our adoption is nearing completion and we step in faith toward the transitioning period of God making and growing us as one beautiful family. Trusting He will bond us beautifully together because it's His heart to do so!!

Another more recent pursuit is the health and wellness business I work from home. I love the all natural and pure product line. I love that the Company is integrity filled and its something I can fully support to share with others. I love it offers a second to none compensation plan and many a mommy can now work from home and get to relish the joy of having all her kiddos with her! And daddies too can work full time from home!! I love that I've been able to be a fulltime stay at home mommy even before my home business, but this business is definitely a blessing for our little family~and it's a blessing we desire to spill over and share with others, this business opportunity! All while also blessing them in their health. 

So, this was a different blog for me, but I just kind of wanted to bring you in the loop, and let you know I am still around, and I still love to blog up a delicious mommy message for you every now and then! If you follow me by email you will know as I post new blogs.  
Hope your mommyhood~filled day spills over with soooo much joy!!!!!
Many blessings~