Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Warmth of Togetherness

(I have several blogs in draft that I would love to see published-primarily for my family, because in each blog is a piece of my mommy heart etched. They are definitely written from my heart. You are welcome to come along for the journey. I plan to print blog books for my kiddos some day so I'd like to catch up on what is in my drafts, randomly. This blog was written before we moved to Colorado. We lived in our beautiful, and what we call our, "yellow house". It was sometime in 2013. So here goes...:) ) 

With a hustle and bustle and in a flurry of activity, they were out the door on this still early starlit Saturday morning. This mommy found her self smiling and with a prayer on her lips. It's not so often that I find myself with the house nearly empty of people. I still have two little sugar plums, sleeping peacefully in their cozy little beds, to add sweetness to my day.:) It's really hard to describe the things that are felt within my heart in this whole beautiful role called "motherhood". An extension of the whole of sweetness called "family". But since  this blog isn't entirely for you, but also a journal for us, I guess it's okay if I can't find the words to describe how blessed I really am!.:)

 The important thing is that my life in ministering to my little family displays for them the joy it is to enjoy even the littlest of our blessings. Ironically they are often the very things that leave us with  the most meaningful memories. Some of which I can't help but mention. :) The simple family ice cream treat as we laugh and visit back and forth and as we dream together of some of our life ambitious goals. The unloading firewood escapade ( yes:) you read that right, but you can go back and read it again if you want!:) We all mutually love our fireplace and we are all anticipating cozy winter nights, so....when we found a trailer full of firewood (that's a lot of firewood!!) we all pitched in on the unloading and stacking and I couldn't help notice and think that to all these kiddos this is fun and not work!! Even the tiniest little guy helped and it was so adorable as we watched him neatly stack his little pieces! 

So, for another treasure, meal prep! :) It's usually a weekend thing for everyone, but just the whole thing of our little family gathered in the heart of our home (our kitchen) and some are making fruit smoothies while another is frying the eggs ( of course wee little guy is already munching on his little bowl of cereal!:) and just enjoying being together.:) 

The list could go on and on and on..... The simple things we find ourselves involved in may seem just that to everyone else, but the truth is that the simple things in life can be just what you make them to be. 

   The other morning as I was walking on our road,enjoying the beautiful sunrise and watching the world wake up it came to me in a very startling way that the things of most value are being lost in our world. The "family circle". The warmth of togetherness enjoying the blessings of home. With all the gadgets.. and noise.. and clutter...somehow "family" got lost in the shuffle. And it's sad. The very values in life that kept us strong have been sold out for lousy counterfeit! But it's not too late to regain those values! Kids really do want their parents to take an interest in them.

   Start today by speaking something positive to your child. Praising your teenager on something he/she's did lately.  I love the "Five Love Language" book for kids. Pray that God helps you notice what the primary thing that your child longs for and in some way bless them in that. It's possible! Very possible, believe me! We have 5 kids ranging from 13 down to 2 years old ( now 14-3 years old) and our three oldest all have different love languages.  But even tho' the languages vary and it's a little more effort to meet each ones, it's quite attainable.

    For instance, our oldest is "acts of service". And even tho we teach and train and have them exercise independence appropriate for their age by doing more things for themselves, it is very important that we "do" things for Michael that shows him how much we love him. Being a busy home school mommy, it is simpler to praise him and tell him I love him, but what really makes him smile is when he discovers that I made his bed before he did or for me to sometimes do that job around the house that he normally does. Or serving him something iced or hot to drink as he's up in his room in the early mornings reading. The extra effort tells him he means something to us. That he really is important. Just the other day as Mike (Sr) was trying to figure something out, he called Michael (Jr) in to see if he would know and I observed really what effect that has on a growing adolescent.The feeling of being needed. He being able to exercise wisdom. He is discovering his manhood through broader maturity and these are key factor years. Oh to guide them well, to praise them often, and even sometimes to stand back and look on, praying, as he test own footing.
   I am encouraged by Scripture that God will finish the work He's started in us!
   I hope you were blessed and I sincerely wish You God's strength and wisdom and blessing as you take Him at His Word.

(A reminder about our adoption...If you missed the announcement see our older post,  "Twice the Blessing and Double the Expectancy!"

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Filthy Rags Transformed into Armor of Honor

I really do believe in miracles. For an old drunk to make his way to his usual  hangout place, the local bar, and while en route there, he comes across a group of believers standing on the street corner, singing, "Would you be free from your burden of sin? There is power in the blood!" The hope it offered... The empty void within this broken bit of a man' life... The Holy Spirit's Word offering Life. The Bible refers to the heart as different kinds of soil. (Matthew 13: 1-9 KJV) Who would have thought that this sin addicted man's heart would have rich soil. The seed just needed to be planted... The seed being the Truth of Jesus Christ. Wow... The old drunk, tears streaming down his face, knew of a greater "Power", that moment, than even his craving alcohol addiction. Abandon by his earthly father at the age of eight. Raised by a mother whose heart, probably due to her own hurt and insecurities, was a "tough kind of strong woman".  This broken down man knew only  poverty growing up. This is a sad story if it ended there! It only begins. That man, that drunk, was my daddy. God came into his heart that night and miraculously changed him and made him brand new!! I never knew daddy dear as a drunk. I never knew him as a broken piece of man. God gave him a story of redemption! My dad, because of Jesus Christ, became a new man. :) A loving man. A daddy and sweetheart kind of man.:) Because he didn't experience love, he gave love. Because he was neglected, he loved, protected and gave to us his family. I grew up with a man who spent time with us, loved us, hugged us, and prayed with us. Because he knew what it was like to see his daddy walk away from his mommy, he reached out with beautiful displays of affection for my mama often. He always said, "It's more important for children to see that mommy and daddy love each other, than that mommy and daddy love them. Cause than they never need to live in fear of having to choose which parent someday." He gave newly weds advice, "Twenty hugs a day! But forties not too many!!" My daddy was a good man. Not a perfect man. He died 2 years ago and is in Heaven with my mom, but the legacy they left us lives on.... He would want my generation to stand upon the shoulders of what he was , in Christ, and grow from there. That's what I long for. That our kids will also stand upon the shoulder of our life, in Christ, and grow from there. I see "Trees planted by the rivers of water." (Psalm 1:3) I see "expensive olive plants" (Psalm 128:3).  I see a long, spiritual strengthened, generational train. (Isaiah 59:21) And I see it, because the Word of God says it! And I believe that because the Word of God is God's infallible Word. Infallible means incapable of error.:) I love it! And I love miracles!
My daddy and our daughter. This pic was taken in 2009.