Friday, August 22, 2014

Memory Games and a Childlike Faith

The morning sun has come up and is now casting its warm glowing streaks across the farmland...The magnificent Rocky Mountains towering strong and beautiful in the background.

Everyday is like a clean slate in which to work out life's story problems such as we all probably did in Arithmetic in grade school. :) Today, I desire for my slate to reflect Jesus Christ nature and His very presence. I don't want it all filled up with scribbled out messes, but rather neat and everything beautifully written. And because of Christ within me, I long that, when I tally up the sum of my day, I and my precious little family will see His fingerprints all over it!

Last week Harriston came to me with our homemade memory game and wanted me to play with him. It had been a school project for Cameron last year to make this game and he did a really swell job! We focused on things that our family was either currently walking in or things we were excitedly anticipating God working out, and that was the theme of our game. Cameron drew pictures to go with the verses and quotes. He also chose to draw a cross on each card for when it lays face down.

Backing up a bit.....

Our family had been currently looking ahead to our move West and while still in Florida we poured over hundreds of houses trying to find one to rent....Some days  (many actually!!) I would think, "now today has got to be the day we find one"...each time we came up feeling pretty empty and little bit downright crazy!! We relied  heavily on the verse "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you". Sometimes as I pulled myself from the computer I would think, "Who are we kidding??!!"  

We lived in a beautiful home on 6 acres of divided ranch land, had a pond for fishing, a large shop for projects, plenty of room for the boys fort building, wrap around porches that Mike and I loved for early mornings as the world was still waking up, praying and sipping our coffee..the kiddos would make their way out sometimes with their fuzzy blankets and we'd cuddle them and look forward to our day together. Had a small country town, a fire place which we used a lot in the winter, had magnificent views of both the sunrise and sunsets....

We would see all these beautiful homes for rent in these development communities, but that's all it was- a house!! We were accustomed to country were our kids ever gonna manage?? How were close neighbors gonna manage with us?! ;) 

We tried to keep our focus 10 years out.....we could still have our beautiful country home in 10 years, but then what?? So we began to prepare our kids of the great possibility of town living and explained that this was perhaps how God wanted our next season of life. We prepared to move and continued our house search...

Here's my journal entry for March 2, 2014 @ 5:35am
"It seems almost unbelievable! but Lord willing, we move to lovely Colorado in 2 weeks. It has mostly been a quiet acceptance or quiet happiness, serene joy...however it can be described. Instead of the jump up and down, do the happy dance kind of excitement.......
But we have totally given up that we will find a house (before we move) but we will see. We will keep looking..."

Over a week later, through someone who knew someone, a cottage became available for us! It's kind of funny, because even tho' we were glad to have a house, we were just as glad if not more, that now perhaps we wouldn't look so completely crazy in following our peace and moving even with no house lined up!! ;)

Around a week later, we drove away from our laid back  country town of Myakka City, Fl and looked ahead to a beautiful little Church nestled near the Rockies in Colorado. God used those truth filled messages over the last year to continue His promised work in our lives. The Holy Spirit's work is quite unique as it can step so solidly on our toes and yet at the same time it is as soothing as aloe extract. :) 

To make our lengthly sweet story of God's faithfulness a bit concise.... we found out on the way to Colorado that the cottage wouldn't be ready...;) After staying in a hotel for 3 weeks, God opened up the charming rancher, backed to open farmland and practically lakefront ( where the boys can fish), for us to call home. It doesn't have beautiful wrap around has a sun room. :) It has the sunrise and sunset views too. ;)  

God has been good...lest I paint a false picture, I will say (without details) that it has not all been a piece of cake, BUT, I will hasten to add, God has been faithful as He said He would. When we couldn't go any father, the waters did part. Trust Him, my friend. He is just as faithful today as yesterday and we rest in the Truth that He will be just as faithful tomorrow.

As for the memory game we played last week, it held new meaning. We remembered our trust in something we couldn't yet see and now we see what God actually did... I'd like the kids to make more "current" memory cards!! 

The matching cards with a picture of a moving truck which says:
"He hath made everything beautiful in a His time" Ecclesiastes 3:11a
"God's fingers can touch nothing but to mold it into loveliness." -James Mc Donald

That is so true and we are tasting the beauty of that still~we love living here!! And the smile still tugs and wants to spread into a full blown one with laughter...
To follow peace and then to live in the delight of that is restful and refreshing!!

The verse for God finding us a house card says, " Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory. " Ephesians 3 :20-21 NIV

That is pure Truth!! We could never have guessed we would actually live in charming Windsor only a few miles from Church.  And we don't feel boxed in, as there is open land behind our house and farmland beyond. We love it here and while we were worrying all the way in Florida, this house wasn't even available yet!! And as Mike told the kiddos "God threw in the mountain views and lake just because He can!!" :)

Notice that Cameron drew our new home with views of the mountains and we have them. ;) He was probably actually picturing us in the mountains!! ;)

A reminder about our adoption...If you missed the announcement see our older post,  "Twice the Blessing and Double the Expectancy!"

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