Saturday, August 3, 2013

"The Joy of The Lord is My Strength"

     The joy of the Lord is my strength. Nehemiah 8:10 This promise has become my very own. I have tasted its simply eloquent meaning. It is just as real to me as breathing. I catch a smile stealing across my face even now as I write. Christ Presence in my life has added such rich dimension. This morning I want to share with you, as other mommies or perhaps future mommies.:) We've been surrounded by so many lies and I wanted to serve you this morning with the most royal Truth. Its something real, full of life and straight from the Word of our King Himself and something that as His daughter I say, "Yes!! I've tasted it!:)  And its so sweet and authentic and soul satisfying, I wanted you to have it too.:) I'm a mommy and wife also, and so, like you, I have read many books or listened to speakers in my search for a more enriched life. My heart always wanted more and even though I grew up in Christian settings, so many around me were on near empty spiritually. The Bible is full of promises! I wanted to believe have the faith of a die to live that abundant life 24/7..  
    Everyday, I taste something that is sweet, something that makes me want more. Everyday as I receive my portion of manna from my Father's hand, it's exactly what my soul needs to press on and to press in closer to my Heavenly Prince.      
Sunrise at our house...every morning He rises anew in my heart. I am honored that Christ
can take my life and fill it with His love all day in reaching my little family
and any others I meet.:)

      Recently I was at a Christian woman's seminar and I heard testimonies from formerly abused woman. I saw their glowing faces, I saw their completeness, in Christ even though they were robbed from as John10:10 says, "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." I saw their abundance of life and I wept. They had years of pain and suffering and yet now their life was restored in Christ! They testify of healing. I see their inner strength shining know, the kind that only comes from being in the healing sweet Presence our our King. It was all so beautiful and I wept... I didn't quite realize what was happening to me. It's been two months now and I see it clearer...I had specific needs in my heart and I fully surrendered myself  that weekend to let God flood my soul with His spotlight...not fully understanding it but in childlike faith reaching for something greater, I realize now, I  died to myself and now am more fully alive in Jesus Christ! His mercies are new every day and I can't keep from smiling.:)
Arriving at the ladies seminar...God had "GOOD" things in store!:)

        Our life as women in Christ can really be the most precious and soul touching journey. Even weeping tears of sadness as we ache with what causes the Father's heart to ache is an honor. To truly be a part of who He's amazing!!! These are busy years. And all the more, it's so important to spend time in the Word of God and prayer. I'm a mommy and a homeschooling one, I know how busy life is and we are too busy and our role too important to not spend time with God. We have been given an amazing gift in motherhood and the awesome responsibility to raise Godly families. Getting up earlier is actually one of the biggest blessings I know. It's not's an opportunity to spiritually dress for the day. With the cleansing of the Word and the choicest of Spiritual clothing...Wow...without it, it's like stumbling through the day all sleepy and still in pj's, trying to run an energetic household and all the duties it demands. But the quiet morning hours prepare not only my body for the day, but my very soul. And don't get me wrong, I'm not super human, it's hard to get out of our warm bed, but oh the reward is plentiful many times over! 
(: Our "bundles of energy" :)
Here's some practical tips for mommies with small kids who like to rise early. Create a visual and explain that when they see that by their bedroom door they can know it's time they can get up. If they awake at it's not by their door, explain they can't keeping calling, "Is it time to get up yet?!" It's hard for mommies to experience a rich quiet time of prayer and Bible reading with little ones calling. Our children have always been very early to wake up in the mornings (that can be a good thing!:) So we did the visual thing for a long time. Now we've switched to "When the music plays it's rise and shine time!" (Didn't think to word it like that to the kids! I'll have to!:) But we explained that they can then get up. We have a cd that is soft and soothing that we play sometimes for quiet time (Be Still by Steve Rosen) and the kids know that when that cd is softly playing it still means stay in bed until another cd plays and then we put a lively one on!:) Some activities for the really early risers can be a stack of kid's books by their bed or a few toys if they play quietly. Or for little older, small kids you could give them permission to play quietly in their room. The added blessing of keeping them in bed a little longer is that oft times they will fall back to sleep and get more rest, then if they were allowed to get up so early just because they happened to get awake. And the really huge thing is...the older ones have caught this and now have their quiet times. It's really so beautiful. Thank You Jesus! God bless you as you, in childlike faith reach for Him!