Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Country Lanes, Butterflies, and a Love Story "

Watching the morning come alive has been a favorite of mine for a long time now...when? I'm not sure...But as a busy little mommy, who stays busy from son up till son down (and daughter!) I discovered that mornings are a great time of refreshment with my Saviour and also a sweet way to ease into the day.:) I consider the mornings that Mike and I can enjoy it together, priceless. Unfortunately with the hour he leaves for work that isn't so often. The sky still has a hint of pink and the fog lifting off the pond...who can not love all this?! The other week our little Alaythia came into the house carrying a butterfly that was dead..we marvelled at the beautiful was wonderingly mentioned that if any human even saw this beautiful butterfly when it was alive and flying around?! Living here in the country...well we knew there was great possibility no other human soul saw the splendor of that little creation as it flighted from one flower to the next. And then and there we were reminded that our Saviour received glory from it. He enjoyed His creation. The butterfly was created for His pleasure. And since He put so much beauty into something possibly no human would even see to enjoy...oh how much He must love us!! He also created us to worship Him. And He longs that we would. On those mornings that my sweet guy and I can enjoy a cup of coffee and spiritual sharing time together, he first likes to take an early morning walk down an old country lane. Surrounded by nature, it sets the perfect tone for worship...he noted that there along the side of the lane in all the brush is a philodendron plant. And again, we had to think? Who even sees this beautiful plant? It is an awesome thing to me that God takes a personal interest in each of us... And these bits of creation confirms to me the love of God for us. Matt.6 describes how Jesus clothes the flowers of the field and assures us that He will do much more for us...Two things in life are probably the most important and that is knowing I'm loved and cared for...first by my parents and now by the man who won my heart and became my husband. And God has promised His love and care..Is there anything greater than that?! Oh to have the Prince of my soul promise such...A love story? Indeed!!The purest and sweetest that can ever be experienced .:)

(Note:Thanks and appreciation to a botanical website I was able to find a photo of the philodendron.)