Saturday, November 30, 2013

Meeting the Kiddos

Yesterday I felt the Father's tears well up within me. He gave our little family the beautiful opportunity to glimpse why He so tenderly cares for the orphaned child. In December we will be hosting a sibling group of kiddos from a Country nestled in South America. We have been eagerly anticipating this for months now! And last night, after months of talking about the kids and praying many prayers for them, we finally met them on Skype!:)

Oh my, thankfully, Mike started the welcomed conversation, cause I don't think I could have said much! As we waved, laughed and smiled from so far apart, and everyone excitedly saying "Hola!! Hi!!" it was just all so touching an experience!! (Today, I realized that I don't think those first initial few moments did any of us even think about our difference in languages!) Our Heavenly Father is so GOOD!!!

 Our son Michael said it seems so much more real now. We really believe God chose the kiddos that would spend 3 weeks in in our home. Earlier we received their names, then their pictures, and now we heard their childish voices- and it was absolutely one of the best and most touching and most beautiful things, I personally have ever witnessed and experienced!!

I am blessed that our kids get the opportunity to connect with God's precious children, and to feel the Father's impacting heartbeat at such a young and impressionable age! As our kids life story unfolds, they are definitely being impressed one way or another. I love the Webster's meaning of impressed;....stamp;imprint,. The dictionary meaning is focused on the mind, emotions and feelings. Now add the God stuff, such as His hidden place in our kid's heart. And through this sweet and blessed opportunity, our kid's heart, the literal bedrock of their soul, has been "impressed" or stamped and imprinted upon with what is of value to God.  It is a sacred and holy awesome thing! They have been touched by the strong influence of something spiritual...God's love for the orphaned child.

Our five sweet and energetic kids!!
And next week, Lord willing, the sweet and energetic Colombian kiddos,
will be gracing our little family with their presence!
We are in for a nosier and merrier Christmas!!! 

I am reminded again how, in reaching to these little ones, we are reaching with outstretched arms to our Heavenly Father. Hie precious Word declares that and I believe it!!

                 "And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me." 
                                                                      Matthew 18:5

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