Thursday, November 14, 2013

Autumn. Blessings. Memories

I just love how Thanksgiving is the time of year when the weather is refreshingly crisp (okay to those of you in the North it's more than crisp, huh?! But memories of colorfully fallen leaves are still fresh on your memories.:))  We love the warmth of a cozy fire and spiced apple candles and I can only imagine adding autumn's rich color just before Thanksgiving!!) In the South we are still only being teased by the occasional cool days and some of us are begging for more!:) This morning is a real kicker.windy and cold! Yay!!:) I love this time of year that causes me to reflect on all that I'm truly thankful for and to savor reflectively on all our blessings, all our growth, and all the stretching that God has allowed in our life to strengthen us and grow our roots deeper in Him!! I've listed some things I am thankful for to go with these pictures, but the truth is, this list could go on and on....!:)
Birthdays! I am thankful for birthdays! The kids childish
glee over their new gift and of course their birthday

I am thankful for banjo playing little boys! Cameron fills our house with music!!

Our future band!! Music is a regular guest and also a guest of honor in this house!!

Old fashioned apple pie! Yes, I am thankful for that!!;)

A hot cup of tea with my man! 

Gardens! Yes, I am thankful for our garden. We spend a lot of family time bantering
 with each other out there!
 And a lot of character building comes out of our gardening time!!

Blue Bell ice cream! I took this picture with Alaythia's denim and pink skirt that I was altering.
I loved how they matched! Just one of those small rewarding wonders in a stay at home mom's day!;)
So, I guess you could say in a nutshell, I am thankful for joy in  life's simple treasures!:)

I am thankful for time spent with our oldest son, Michael. :) He's now taller than his mommy!

Summer days and splashing in our pool!

Family tea time. 

Babies! I am thankful for every baby that God has graced
our home with! They have all added such richness to our lives!

I love little boys and how they notice stick guns on trails, rocks and stones
and sipping from fine china! They are definitely wondrous creations!

This past spring daddy and our eldest son were able to attend a conference
 in Colorado! Enriching time in the Word of our God! And such good fellowship!!!
We marvel at the Spiritual growth and maturity in our son's life as he chooses to embrace the truths
of God. We are so blessed by his life. 

Mother's Day!! My little family already delights in serving their mommy all year and I am
 so humbled by their love and devotion to me. It is a gift I never want to take for granted.
They also gifted me with this lovely Bosch coffee maker! 

Early mornings and coffee with my sweetheart Mike.
The quietness of the house as we visit and share from the Word.

My surprise trip by my Mike, for me to go to a woman's conference at the same campus that
he and Michael went to a month earlier! The spiritual refreshment was the sweetest experience and God stretched me so much! I wept a lot as I saw first hand the truths of our mighty and awesome God.  And I wept as I saw more clearly what is truly dearest to His heart. And that is the orphaned child. 

I am thankful for this sweet little princess. All of heaven spills forth from her spontaneous smiles and laughter....
which is often!!!

Men in Training! 
 As I gaze upon our sons and see them allowing God to tune
their hearts toward Him. Beautiful!!!
I am thankful for toys!!
And all the creative things that our children build and make and imagine in their play!!

The joy on our children's face as we delight in giving them things!!

I am thankful for all the things we do as a family!! This is homemade root beer time!
Their daddy does such a great job in keeping life interesting!!

Our date nights with our kids! I am verrry thankful for that!
This was sweet daddy and Alaythia's date.:)

Everything of "home" I'm so thankful  our kids like to quote, "Sweet Home Sweet Home"!
I agree!!!
Note: The little vase of flowers were given to Alaythia by her daddy on their daddy/daughter date night!
 She moves them all around our house! 

Our "words of blessing" little guy. 

I am thankful for our sweet baby!!

I love how our baby Branson just loves playing! It is the cutest thing how someone so
little loves his toys so much!!! He really does!

Our acreage.. Plenty of room to play and have camping and camp fires
 and gardens. We love living in the country! I am sooo thankful for that

Laundry flapping in the breeze as little kiddos run through it!  It was so adorable!

For every material blessing that really makes our life pleasant.

I am thankful that big bro will help make something "sweet ".

I love serving our little family and many, many times I really feel like I'm playing house!!;)

...for fresh purple basil and baskets!!

To have a good man to call mine...a good man to call our kid's daddy...a
 good man to lead us in the way of righteousness. Good to me means "everything
that is sweet and valuable".  This man's hobbies are truly "our family".  I am thankful for his unselfish Godly spirit. For the role model he is to all the boys we have been given the task to raise.  For the picture of Christ he is in our home! Thank you JESUS!!
I am thankful for the boys interest in music!!

I am thankful and honored to be Cameron's mommy! He is a kind  young man and I
 know God has good things in store for him because he loves Jesus!

...for all the adventures of little boys and trees!!

I am thankful that of all the people of the world God chose me to be my Mike's sweetheart and to mother this young flock.  He hand picked me to nurture them and add His fingerprints all over our home. And I have been the receiver of "joy" overflowing.. This past year Proverbs 31:31 stood out to me as never before. "Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates."    My soul  relies upon the promise of  God that we can raise a generation of blessing. My heart's desire is:
 "our children walking in Truth".

May the Lord bless you as you seek in serving Him with
your whole heart!!! And as you ,by faith ,claim His precious promises!!!


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