Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mommyhood Wonderment & Mug Exchange

The house is quiet of all the pitter patter of feet, the joyful commotion of toys and playing, one instrument or another in use (oh my, sometimes I have to remind myself when I think the music is just noise on top of play noise, the great benefits of it someday in our kiddos!!  ;)) 

Today,  we had such a relaxing day as a family. It's so important that with everything that is standing by so ready to eat up and disrupt our time as a family, to be intentional of where are we at in life and where exactly are we headed and see if it's actually leading to where we have mapped out to end up!!
I am a mommy that by now am "supposed" to be completely strung out as these child rearing years were "supposed" to wring me dry of my laughter, simple delights and especially my joy. But the amazing thing is, it's not that way!! ;)

I absolutely love being a mommy and it keeps my joy full and flowing over!! Don't get me wrong, I have seasons that are busier than others..I even have seasons where the world appears upside down ( or at least our schedule does!! ;)) 

I have heard mommy's exclaim, "I don't have time for a bath anymore!" It does not have to be that way though. ;) The above photo is one that I captured the other week as I laid out a beautiful backdrop for myself a lovely hot soak! It was complete with candles, iced tea, and the soul-inspiring story of the Book of Nehemiah! (It was the dramatized King James Version found on our Bible-is app. Our family loves it!)  I find it of great importance for intrinsic joy-filled mothering to keep myself filled with my Jesus! To take the time to nurture and care for my body, mind, and soul. I believe for a mommy to keep oneself refreshed and Spiritually filled, allowing Jesus to build our strength in order serve our families fully, is quite different from the selfish "pamper me, look out for me." That mentality holds our self close, and is inward in it's focus rather than outward. 

Today's moms describe kids as pulling their hair out. And, I experience many moments where I feel that I have no elasticity left! ;) Where two children want me at once. ;) Our children deserve our best. Our very best. One thing I notice is sometimes it's easier to give others outside my home, my best and let myself succumb to whatever mood I am in in the moment when I am with my little family. But God has definitely grew me in this area and continues to point me to true beauty of 24/7 joy-filled mommyhood and He's promised it can be mine!! I love it! And I really do live in the wonder of joy in abundance!! And its so amazing that as I lay myself and my wants at the feet of Jesus, He in turn, abundantly fills and blesses me to overflowing riches of His grace and so many delights!!

He constantly through life has been faithful to show me the two sides. He shows me, "Okay, this is what the world is saying......  And this is how I have created it to be......" Wow~I have found the rich beauty in God's way. The confusion is gone and the artificial slips through my hands as sand...and what I look upon instead, Is something exquisitely rare is in its place..

I have been delighting in mommyhood for 15+ years now, and the lush beauty is so real and vibrant for me as I mommy God's way!!

Now to change the subject! (Ask my family, I am very good at that!! ;)

Recently, I participated in a coffee mug exchange from the lovely blog, The Enchanting Rose. Stephanie is a Christian mommy who is passionate for Jesus and I anticipate our growing friendship! Normally I would send a mug gift package to a new friend, and someone entirely different would send me a mug gift package, therefore I would make two new friends. There is even an opportunity to be matched with someone in another Country! Isn't that simply delightful?! 

Due to a story all its own, Stephanie and I exchanged gifts together as everyone was already most likely matched out. Thank you, to Stephanie, for gifting me with the privilege of your friendship through our mug exchange!! Below are the lovely photos of our gifts! 

      The lovely card Stephanie made! And a whole
       bag of coffee. :)

       The owl mug, journal, and journal marker.

     A sample of all the beauty that arrived at our door, by Stephanie!!

Aren't these simply lovely gifts?! It may seem amusing to you, but I am a "love everything to be perfectly lovely" kind of person and so I am saving this beautiful apron by Stephanie for our family's Christmas cookie bake!! I absolutely love the color red! I love the color brown! Can you imagine my delight at this apron?! 
My coffee mug and dish, coffee, and journal, I have enjoyed so much already!! My littles absolutely love my gift set and I have delighted in serving them sweet treats with it as well!! :)
The lovely decorative pillow Stephanie made graces our livingroom. ;) Aren't country pillows fun?!
I love the adorable journal/book marker. I love to journal in the early morning and this one will continue to capture, written in my own hand, a legacy of my mommy love and deeply rooted faith in our precious Jesus, for my children. Oh, thank you, Stephanie!!

Everything was wrapped so beautifully in white tissue paper and decorated with sprigs of cinnamon, acorns, ribbons, and flowers!! 

Thank you, Stephanie, and God bless you!! I value your friendship!!! 

This gift box of gifts, were my gifts to Stephanie and I had the greatest delight choosing each one!! I even discovered how lovely a store the "Tea and Spice Exchange" is!! So the box was complimented with a mountain extracted tea and tea strainer. The book Set Apart Motherhood, by Leslie Ludy, I would encourage for every mommy! The little green package is some soap from World Market, that I absolutely could not resist to add to the box~isn't it adorable?! Love Hobby Lobby for room decor and so added in some of that! Also Hobby Lobby is a great place to shop and support for for their Biblical stand in their business. Also a great place to find decor with a sprinkling of Scripture and inspiration.(That's essentially what I had in mind for Stephanie!) But these decorative balls were perfect! The mug, found at Peir One, I thought was oh so lovely! This is a mug and/or tea cup exchange that I participated in, and I thought this delicately feminine cup could fit the description of both!! And finally, I love presenting gifts in something beautiful and/or useful such as baskets, trays, or this time around~this simply lovely decorative box! 
So skip on over to Stephanie's Blog  and say, "Hi" and peek at all the gifts!! And if you are here, from Stephanie's blog, "Welcome!!!" Feel free to leave a comment and please come back often!!