Wednesday, December 11, 2013

With God the Impossible Becomes Possible!!

Our first Sunday with the host kiddos proved the biggest blessing!! After arriving at Church  the kids and their companion were given a ear piece for during the message where the Pastor's preaching would be translated into Spanish. It wasn't long that the older of the M's showed me what they wrote in their  notebook.
"Jehovah Spanish. Jehovah Ingles" (English). That absolutely touched the sensitive cords of my heart. This sweet child's vision of Papa God has just been broadened. God just got bigger to them.  God is both Spanish and English speaking and much much more!!! And I know God will be faithful in showing this precious child more of Himself and His very nature. Wow....

God is a big Papa God that's for sure!! One of the things that has been on my heart lately is how God loves impossibilities.. When a situation is where it seems impossible, it's right where God likes it!! How about the phrase, "Well, realistically speaking..." We serve an unrealistic God!! He's real alright, but the things He does are quite "Unreal"! I mean, He fed 5,000 + people with a couple fish and  little bit of bread!! He parted a sea to dry ground as an escape route for His people!!

I love the true story that Pastor told on Sunday. God wanted to grant this little poor woman, whose income was $200 a month, the desire of her heart. She did not ask for money as many of us might have. She asked that her two boys would find the Lord. As she was saying the words, her boys who were also in the room, were mocking her. Before she even had her request completely finished, her boys fell at her, under heavy conviction of the Holy Spirit!!!! Wow!! Unrealistic? Super-Natural? Yes! Yes! Yes! And God did it! Because He is capable of all things. I really believe that, but not just because I believe it. There are a vast variety of beliefs out, but I believe it because the Word of God is full of "unrealistic impossible situations" that God conquered.

I have been amazed lately how the stories that had God's attention and stamp of approval on, in Scripture, and are recorded to get our attention, are quite different than what gains approval in this day and age...The woman who gave one small coin while the wealthy around her gave much, was actually recorded as having given most... The woman whos oil was running low and was asked to feed the Prophet of the Lord first, found that her cooking oil jar never ran out... Mary sitting at Jesus feet, her longing for more of Him....worship....beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.....

Is it realistic? Is it possible? Can we figure it out? Those are not what is top priority on our list anymore as God leads Mike and I.. If he says walk toward a Red Sea then believe me that is the best place to walk..

As a human, I cringe inside sometimes...I long for "this situation" to just be easy, to just go smoothly.  I've wept, knowing my God would come through in particular situations, and also found myself praying, telling my Papa God that I wished I was not afraid... And you know what? He came through. Sometimes not until the verrry last minute. Actually (smile..laugh) many times not until the last minute!!

               "When we are between a rock and a grace place we know our God is there."