Saturday, May 3, 2014

Twice the Blessing and Double the Expectancy....!!!! ;)

Here I sit in a lovely little coffee shop nestled in a charming town in Colorado.... A lot has transpired in our little family's life as we moved from our lovely home in Florida. We have tasted immeasurably of God's provision, His grace and His love, as we mostly, in faith, took this step to where we knew He wanted us to was a step we wanted to take as well!! :) But leaving what is familiar and what is precious behind are all the things in life that has a way of growing us, of causing us to become a little more dependent on our Abba Papa. And as we walk a path with our hand clasped in His we find ourself becoming just a little more childlike in our trust.

We have exciting news on the know, that place in life we look ahead to. I'm one of those "horizon gazers". For years now, almost every morning I set my gaze on that beautiful eastern horizon expectantly.... ;) We serve a very great God and I anticipate His daily work of art! I mean, the colors He mixes and the astounding beauty of every different sunrise~can mere words describe the awe-ness?!!! Now we find ourself, as a family, looking ahead expectantly to a different horizon...

          M and M  (Taken Christmas 2013 at our house.)                                      

Many of you know, (see previous posts), that this past December our family had the honor, the overflowing of joy and the falling in love experience, as two precious kiddos from South America spent almost the whole month in our home. What was ours, became theirs as they nestled into the life experiences of what it means to be a family...oh my, the immediate bonding as our 5 kids and these 2 kiddos became brothers and sisters. They called us Papa Mike and Mama, but as the weeks wore on and we were just a little family together celebrating Christmas and shopping, going to larger family get togethers etc. and they caught on to what our kids called us, we began to hear the precious sound of "daddy" and "mommy".

These kiddos gave us the most precious gift. They gave us the opportunity to feel Papa God's heartbeat. If ever we saw the love-gaze of our Saviour it has been in our bonding with these kids.
There is so much to much to not say...(like the mother of Jesus, I find it precious how she, pondered "all these things" in her heart...those sacred moments, the tasting richer of our precious Saviour.)

Our family is excitedly taking the steps to give these sweet children a forever family. We are filled with peace, great anticipation and longing to bring our kiddos home to us! We are blessed to be granted by their Country to Skype with them regularly. They and us count that as our favorite thing to look forward to!

Feel free to follow this blog on updates and also how you can be an eternal blessing in the lives of these kids, We expect God to do big things to make this possible. He ask, in His Word, for us to place the orphaned into our families. We are honored to be their family, their protector. To be able to continually point them to Jesus Christ who loves them so much that He gave
His own life so that they can receive life! Amazing love!!! As an important note, these children have asked Jesus to live in their hearts almost a year and a half ago! So, as children of God, they are expecting their prayers answered I'm sure! And your prayers and support will be a milestone in that journey!! How exciting!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our adoption! You will find a donation button at the top right of this page and we thank you in advance for your gift of any amount as God prompts you. Your gift is important to us and we have diligently worked to make it secure. Thank you and God bless you!!



  1. Miriam,
    Wonderful news! You have such a thoughtful, sweet heart. Take care,

  2. How awesome.....for you AND for them! May God bless this venture with open doors all the way!! :)
    Blessings to you all!!

  3. Thank you for all your sweet words! And we welcome our Father's blessing!!


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