Saturday, July 18, 2015

Return of Honor


I just love our Rocky Mountains...we are not native to this beautiful country, but claim such joy in living here.   
Just two days ago though, as we drove past a creek surrounded by thick foilage of trees, it reminded me our our Myakka City (which in reality is not a city at all, but a small country town) in Florida and I felt a twinge of...(fill in the blank. ;)) 

For me, the key to joyfilled mothering has always been connected with how my morning starts out. The rising with God's chirpy winged creatures, witnessing the burst of a sunrise, and relishing the quiet Presence of my Jesus. His faithfulness as my Kingly Papa to lay out a princess wardrobe for me, consisting of everything I would need that day. The royal clothing (in its finest of quality) of peace, joy, and a longing for more of my Jesus, has graced my life in the early morning and it has spilt over into my day as bubbling as a mountain brook. 

As an outflow of that, our homes become a sanctuary, a haven from earthly storms. Our marriages thrive and our children are secure in this nurturing sweetness. They grow up confident of who they are, in Christ. And they stand tall, anchored in something much more noble than any of their own self could muster. 

In our homes that Christ builds, little girls bask in the sweetness of giggles, and nurture those around them, creating and spilling beauty everywhere about them. Our little girl loves to pick any little flowers she finds growing outside, and she skips about the house finding her little green vase and filling it with water and her treasured flowers. She loves to seek out our "extra" decor that is tucked away for future use, and she decorates the house. We fondly say that our little Alaythia is a rose among strong oaks  (her brothers ;) ). She has a softening effect with her little girlishness, frills, and love for pink. A fascinating daintiness that God designed in His female creations. 

Our boys grow up into young men who will stand true and loyal to something. And that "something" is a clincher right there. That "something" can be sin and selfishness when they become adults, or in our home that God builds, they can be taught to protect others and defend Truth. 
When young men stand for Truth there will be those that will call them cowards. But really they are head and shoulders above those that would scoff. Why? Because they are willing to stand honorably, to spend their strength and their lives for others. The honor and integrity they live by is internally as important as nutrition and exercise is to their physical bodies.  

Oh for honor to be brought back where young ladies use their God given purpose to nurture their families, to create beauty and to add strength to their homes. 
For young men to again be protectors of their loved ones and defenders of Truth, instead of the sin we see running rampant where the only thing they seem to be protecting and defending are their own private sinful indulgences. " He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy." Proverbs 28:13 Sometimes I think we've reduced satan that he's nothing more than a stuffed toy puppy that let's out an occasional bark. Instead of the controlling tyrant that he is if we let him in and think we can cuddle him.

Probably most of us long for the return of Honor instead of the lousy counterfeit we seem to embrace as the new normal. The tragic thing is, even in my generation, it isn't a new normal, it is the only normal we've mostly ever known! I actually feel a sweetness and sadness when I see an older couple. There is such wisdom and strong Truth-filled values that they have lived their whole life by, and I feel such a sense of loss to loose that generation. Unless we carry truth high shedding light on what is for real "the real" we will not produce anything of strength for anymore generations. 

Our girls will not be princesses and our boys princes. Any beauty and nobility that those two titles hold will be lost!! 

They only thing, the absolutely only thing that gives hope is that the Bible is the living and breathing voice of God, never growing old. "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth."(John 1:14).  He is our only hope and with the Truth-filled proclamation of that and letting that govern all our decisions, we can have the return of our princesses and princes! The grand mixture of beauty and honor!!

          "Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him." Proverbs 30:5

I am choosing today to keep my trust anchored in Jesus!!

*Just a reminder of our adoption and especially for those that have been following it and looking for an update. ;) Our paperwork will soon be on it's way to translation and South America. The kiddos and us still get the priviledge to Skype regularly. That is such a huge blessing!! We are expectant of things progressing rather quickly once the paperwork reaches it's Country and is approved. We still desire your prayer partnership with us in these remaining stages and as we raise the rest of the needed funds. Also most importantly, please keep the kiddos in prayer. If you desire to join with us, we are praying as a family for healing to be taking place right now in their precious lives, right where they are. And for a smooth transition. Thank you!!