Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Taking up the Challenge

                                   This is the lovely candle I chose to grace our living room.

This morning I read a beautiful article by "Women Living Well". She posted the challenge for the week of burning a large candle every day and allowing that illustrious flicker to remind us to keep the prayer for peace and patience in our home, daily on our lips...

Who  doesn't occasionally need that reminder?? I love being a sweetheart wife to my best friend, a mother to our children and even admidst all that loveliness I need the reminder from the preciousness of the Word of God to be a builder of my home. And that takes intention. It sure doesn't happen by itself! 

Lately, God has been reminding me of the importance of cultivating a heart relationship with my sweet kiddos...it's not that I haven't known that, it's not that I've never worked on it...it's very close to my heart. But like the candle challenge~It's a reminder....that's what God is faithfully doing in my life...reminding me what are the most important. Reminding me where my focus should or should not be at this time or in this season of my life. And many of the things that I weed from my garden plot called, "time" are not wrong, but for varying reasons, they are not what is most important either..

I relish in the Truth that even tho I do not know what all it really takes to have a flourishing seed of Godly children, He does. ;) He is the Master Builder and as His princess daughter He allows and even delights me into His fellowship and Fatherly counsel!!

I'm a bit of a dreamer...I love sweet stories and happily ever afters!!! And I believe God created us with the capacity to love Him and enjoy Him fully!! I love picturing myself across from my handsome Papa in His beautiful garden...sharing, communing.. It seems like too often, we feel the pull to outgrow God!! I'd rather keep close and savor the reality of a living, breathing, daily relationship with Him!! It is truly ours!!

So for the challenge~I will take my two littlest sugar peas shopping today and we will find our candle of grace..our reminder of our Saviour who is more than willing to bless and fill our home with His peace and patience!!  (We have our candle now!!;))

(A reminder about our adoption...If you missed the announcement see our older post,  "Twice the Blessing and Double the Expectancy!"

 You will find a donation button at the top right of this page and we thank you in advance for your gift of any amount as God prompts you. If you prefer to write a check out to our Church and receive a tax deductible receipt you may make checks payable to: "Ellerslie Mission Society" and be sure to note on the memo blank that it is: "Groff family adoption". The address is: 655 Southwood Lane  Windsor, Co. 80550. Thank you and God bless you!!) 
                                                     Our South American Sweetnesses!!!!!
We are excited to bring our little ones home!! There is still a long road ahead and much financial mountains, but we rest in the Miracle of our Saviour!!!! Please partner with us in prayer!! Many thanks!!!
We are doing a 1,008 piece puzzle fundraiser and it is $10 a puzzle piece if you care to sponsor. Once the puzzle ( of the above picture) is finished we will frame it in a double sided frame. For every piece that you sponsor, we will write your name on the back and our sweet M and M will see who helped bring them home!!!! 
                                                           Thank you!!