Wednesday, April 1, 2015

PhD in Mommyhood

The rich coral glow across the landscape, the cheery, chirpy music of God's sweet little winged creatures. And the magnificent Rockies towering strong and handsome, making the perfect backdrop to all our outdoor fun, or those cozy family times in our family room looking through all these picture windows!  ;)

Every time my soul feels like it's so filled with happiness that it will burst, The Holy Spirit reminds me that it's truly the abundant life of Christ within! Then admidst all these "happy" feelings, I rememeber that the definition of happiness is something that is based on happenings and that through the years and even now there are times when the current "happenings" aren't  inclined to bring "happiness", but I still felt this "burst" and it's called "joy". 

When I contemplate whether what I feel is happiness or joy,  I realize, that what I'm feeling doesn't necessarily have anything to do with my natural circumstances, but rather everything to do with the realization of a Great, Big, Papa God who truly loves me and my little family sooo much!!!

This morning, I am really thankful and anticipating that it's a brandnew day, and God has given me every provision to be the best mommy ever in the lives of our sweet kiddos!! I can be 100% intentional as I interact with them, as I truly take the time to listen to them, as I fully absorb and allow it to be forever stamped on my memory~their smiles and giggles, their laughter and full of life moments!! 

Mommyhood is a beautiful time and so far every season has had it's unique memorable memories. We anticipate our tomorrow's with our kids and they are truly a real joy to share life with!! It's a delight for us mommies to create an atmosphere in our home of neatness, coziness, and attractive order~an outflow of an uncluttered heart. My desire is to keep my heart pure, lovely, unselfish, and in return, I can love my little family unselfishly and fully. 

To me, the importance in life is not CEO status or the next degree attained, it's winning the hearts and trust of the precious kiddos that God has entrusted to us! It's teaching them through simplicity to treasure life and live to their full God-given potential. 

That whatever their hands find to do, to do it with all their might and that to do everything as unto their Lord. Talk about success, when all is done as unto Christ and not limited by some human standard in excellence, they will truly excell. And what is important to Christ will become important to them as well!! 

Isn't this exciting?! And we find that Christ is behind it all, equipping, empowering, (and if you really want to look at it through an earthly kind of way~Christ is handing out the degrees~PhD (Parenting  His Design)! ;)

My life occupation is important to me. I don't have an earthly supervisor standing by ready to promote me to the next office. But I have 5 trusting children who long to always know they are loved and valued by me. They need me to encourage them in their full potential, to gently press them toward an academic challenge, to remain trusting as they test their limit of understanding and ability, and to assure them that God has called them each to His own special gifting and then to invest prayer into their lives, encouragement and provide the education for them to fulfill whatever occupation and gifting God is building them for!

I don't take this lightly.. Motherhood is a beautiful and important calling and I look trustingly to my Kingly Father, to actually do the work, but when I stop and ponder it, He chooses to use us, as parents, to carry out what in reality He is really doing. And we taste fully the joy and involvement of child raising with all it's importance, delights, and challenges. And when our children look at us with giggles and love, and eyes filled with trust, I know I have been handed this "gift" the "honors" even though it really was all because of Christ!!

Because we are in Christ, we share of the fruit that He produces in our children, we share in their abundant life found only in Him. And I truly cannot think of anything more beautiful then this!!

Even in the challenging moments, that have a way of nudging us parents into our prayer closet, we taste of the fullness of Christ and His wisdom.

                  We are reminded in this Easter season that He already IS the Conqueror!! 

     God bless you, fill you with His wisdom, and His outpouring of delight in your mommyhood!!
God also bless you as you celebrate this Easter and spend the day delighting in your family and in Him!! I am excited as I have a special Easter surprise in the planning for our kiddos for Sunday!! ;)
Also today we get to Skype with our sweet South American kiddos too!! It is an honor to love them. And we are excited to celebrate Easter with them today!!   


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