Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Prodigal's Gift

What makes a place a home? Is it the familiar sound of the distant owl and the lonely yet intriguing call that drifts on the early morning air? What about just knowing my little ones are tucked safely and sleeping with sweet 
dreams in their little beds and that even if I closed my eyes I know eactly where each room is, each piece of furniture? Is it the familiar day in and day out schedule? Is it laughter and all the good  times wshare as a
 family? Ihome where I have perfected my surroundings, my possessions to exactly how I want them? 

I house within my body the most exploding in preciousness gift~the Lord Jesus. I know that because I can lay my head down at night and "It is well with my soul'" that anywhere can be home. Home isn't about the amount of things I have and neither is it about the amount of things I don't have. Home is something peaceful. It is warmth and it is the place that has a magnetic pull in which I'd rather be there more than anywhere else. Often it is people that make up home..

But with that I say, there are people all around us that know not the emotional warmth of a "home" and even tho' they live in a "house structure", God has asked us, His bride, to give them a "home". They are hungry, not only for food, but for the security that comes with acceptance. They long to be protected and feel its comfort aa blanket about them.  They long to be clothed in the garment of peace, knowing they are loved for, provided for and nestled in safety. To feel the slow smile of joy slide across their face knowing they have found a "sweet home sweet home".  Or the spontaneous exploding joy when they discover a God who loves them so much!! 

And each of us, as the prodigal, have found our way to the Father's open arms... and know we are home. We now feel within His embrace the urgency to give what has been given. It's a place to be made strong swe can be poured out...its a place that gives. It is outward in its focus. A place that He can use, can fill. Its not about us anymore.. Or what we derseve. Its about Him. 

He wants to take us by the hand, as a Father, and point us to all that is truly beautiful.. Our home is then graced by His beauty, His Love and His peace. We share the honor of experiencing Him in everything! The wisp of the wind carries His voice. The sound of rain, His music. We experience the gift of a love that nothing can separate~Romans 8:35-39. We are home. Where is that? It is absolutely anywhere He is. Where is He? I can't answer that question for you. Where is He for me? He says that if we seek Him with our whole heart we will find Him. Jeremiah 13:29