Friday, June 27, 2014

Something Real

After a moving concert last week,of orphaned kids from around the world, (His Little Feet Ministry)
  it's not the reminder of the blessings I have, that made a head on collision impact on my soul, but the reminder of my responsibility to the staggering number of kids that still doesn't have these gifts, but cry every day desperately wanting...desperately needing...them.

 I carry with me not only the inspiration from my soul being pointed heavenward by these precious kids. But I carry with me an aching heart....a tiny tiny piece of their pain. To me the pain in my chest is great. But in reality, I have only glimpsed of their suffering. I haven't actually unlaced my shoes and traded with them... As tears brimmed my eyes and rain down my cheeks, it was my whole heart laying "outside of myself" bare to the orphan suffering. 

It's interesting, but in last Sunday's sermon, our Pastor shared that resting in God is not passitivity, but how when you rest in God, it's "getting somewhere" and true enough, it's wherever GOD takes you. There's fire involved as God takes what we give Him and allow Him to turn up the heat, and as silver is tried and purified, we are also. He puts His burning passion within our soul and reminders like this concert is the ladle with which He stirs the embers of our heart.

 By the time the kids sang, "Go Light Your Candle" I had a firm, hasting, resounding, "YES!!!!!!" ringing from deep deep within my soul. And as Mary, I open up my alabaster oil and pour it lovingly on the precious feet of my Saviour, as in mesmerized awe, weeping....and as I give Him more of myself, I recieve more of Himself. What is more of myself? It is whatever that I've been holding onto selfishly. It may be something even meaningful, but still unsurrendered. I know what more of myself was...

 I felt the strainer skim off the impurities of my soul, just as silver. The melting process, is painful. But oh so very beautiful. Ironically, it's life giving. Satan has whispered so long (it's all some of us have ever known) that by giving up, we are missing out. But it's nothing like that at all!!! In giving up, it's really strange and hard to describe, but we actually recieve something very real. Something He can fill. It's not a painted up replica. It is the sacred real. 

These kids are exotic, wild pearls..waiting to be found.....

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

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