Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Best Kept Secret

Tonight our family again experienced the wonder of the His Little Feet concert. We sat there awed, amazed, our laughter mingling with our tears.... In thinking about all this and still absorbing all this beauty hours later, I realized that it is more than pity that we feel for these sweet and vulnerable little ones... It is deep compassion with the strongest of H.O.P.E.  As these sweet ones sing songs of our Saviours protection over them, as they sing of His great love for them.. It absolutely amazes me how the very nature, the very Person, of our God fills that room.. His Presence is Strong and in the moments these little ones sing, there is absolutely no room for doubt in my heart that our Great and Sovereign God does indeed watch over them. He does indeed care verrry verry deeply for them and that these are the most precious of all precious to Him! As I was thinking tonight how these sweet orphaned children are the secret to our Fathers heart and that by missing out on feeling the burden and standing in the gap for these little ones, it hit me,that in reality we are the lost ones, cause we miss seeing the Father truly revealed in and through all this preciousness...

I realized tonight like never before that satan doesn't want us to know this secret. I am ALWAYS drawn deeper in my faith at these concerts as I gaze into the eyes of my sweet Saviour through the eyes of these littles.

I smile now as I type, I am thinking back to about 1 1/2 - 2 years ago when I remember standing on my lovely country porch praying and asked God to literally fill me with Himself so that what I gaze upon would be with His gaze. That my hands and feet would literally be His hands and feet moving...  I have probably never wept like I have in these last two years.. So whether it was the love gaze of my Saviour's eyes through the children, or His gaze through my eyes, is a mystery to me, but one thing I do know, is these little ones need us, because altimately it is Jesus they need and He expects us to be His hands and feet and heart and voice in this earth. And if we aren't weeping for these little ones and if we aren't placing them lovingly into our families who will? If our hearts aren't beating for these little ones and we are to have the heartbeat of God within our chest~ is tragic. He Himself calls this reaching out to His little ones pure religion. And if we don't have it ~do we even have anything at all?!

While not everyone is called to adopt, we are all called to reach out to these children. To protect them, to be a voice for them....

The best kept secret? Feeling the Father's heartbeat through His little children.. Compassion mingled with joy that Christ is their Redeemer stirs our spirit and wakes up the rescuer in us as Truth is revealed. It is the richest of gifts. Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

"Oh, God, oh God, help us to catch Your heart, Your vision for Your sweet and precious little ones."

There are so many ways we can be involved. We can adopt, foster care, or sponsor, we can give, and most importantly we can pray. And prayer is not a cop-out toward action, because our actions will follow the response of true and fervent prayer.