Monday, February 25, 2013

"Born the Second Time"

Michael, Age 10

Michael age 9 holding Alaythia.

 Michael age10

Making pizza age 9 

Michael almost 8, holding Harriston.

Bass angler age 12

Age 12, 7th grade

Age 11

Age 10

Age 9

Age 10

Baby Branson being held by Michael age 11.

Age 8

Age 9

Bartholomew (Michael) Age 9

Age 9
Yesterday marked a verrry special day in our little family. Our eldest son, Bartholomew (also known as Michael) asked Jesus into his heart, 1 year ago.  So yesterday we celebrated his Spiritual birthday. I love how Jesus calls it being born again.:) The first time our son was born was a deepening of our love.  And as he grows, we get to know each other better. What makes him smile, what he really likes, what he really dislikes etc....he in turn, as he matures, knows us better as his parents. What our heart is saying amidst our feeble attempts at explaining it etc...It's actually so beautiful. And to think after his being born again the second time, this time as God's child, he learns, as he grows into maturity, what His Heavenly Father's heart is...what gives His Heavenly Father joy and what saddens the Father's heart. But unlike his earthly parents, Michael's Heavenly Father knows him to perfection. It's actually so beautiful...Last night also found us on the final evening of a revival tent crusade. The message inspired and challenged us to allow God to stir His vision in our heart. A great way to end the day of Michael's birthday! A fresh challenge!! Thank you Jesus!! The crusade was from Sunday to Sunday. And oh, a blessing it was...a time of refreshment, of pruning, of being reminded of the things we really do hold the most precious...and that is our relationship with our King Jesus. The messages were Holy Spirit anointed and I found myself saying, "Yes! I want it!" Oh the joy that floods my soul! The most beautiful place I know is sitting in the Presence of our King! His words are so soft n tender. Yet clearly heard with the heart. And the Word of God becomes something living! And something life changing! The other day, in talking with a young lady, who just got her drivers license, she said she can't drive without smiling! Later, as I remembered her words, God blessed me with the thought of what it would be like if we couldn't stop smiling because of our life in Christ. It's like a bubbling brook but stemming from a deep well within! I mean, the joy just doesn't stop....the smile gets bigger and the laughter rings and the song is always there and the longing for more of His sweetness and love and relationship becomes an awe-consuming passion!! His joy and peace is limitless and so readily available. And to continually live a life that is poured out for Christ and rich in all that is truly valuable! And to have that passion and vision stirred within the hearts of our kids.:) Thank You, Jesus!!