Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Standing in the One Who Never Changes

We're actually here in Colombia and also as a whole family! Jesus is always faithful and He does truely delight to do good things for His children. We need never doubt His love over us or wonder if He's actually plugged in to what's going on in our lives. It has been thought of about myself that I must not have any problems in life and that my life looks easy. I bubble over with the joy of the Lord, but that is only an outflow of the grace that He's poured richly upon me in all those difficult "unknown to others" moments that He has allowed me to walk through. He is a good Papa and that means He lets me learn to crawl, toddle about on legs that at first seem rubbery. Then what if when I was ready to try running and He would get on one knee and look me in the eye and say, "Honey, I love you too much to let you learn to run, because Sweety, in learning to run you will have to learn how to get back up when you fall. And you see, honey, I don't want you to fall. You might hurt yourself." 

 Now what if instead my loving Papa bends on one knee and gathers me in His strong Papa arms and looks me lovingly in the eyes, and says, "Honey, I am so excited for you to learn to run! I am excited at all the marathons you will run and conquer in this life!" And then a soberness enters His loving sweet eyes as He adds, "Now, honey, a good runner must first learn how to get up after a fall. And trust Me as your Papa to show you how. Will you trust Me? I promise you will never fall and not be able to get up and I promise that with every lesson, You will be stronger than before!"

 Which is the better daddy?

 Someone once said, "Miriam just rolls with the punches." 
Really? That was a discredit to the absolute faithfulness of my heavenly Papa. If I "roll with the punches" than its still only because He taught me how. ;) 

But seriously every marathon winner has to train in their abilities, their agility, their endurance. It does not come without a price and without sweat, to be sure. 

 Those inner moments when life threw me a curve ball you can be sure that my sweat training of endurance were those tearstreaked ones in my prayer closet. 

And the testing of my endurance aren't just those times in the past...I still get tested, always will get tested. 

Just recently the devil tried to wreak havoc on our life and it did cause some confusion till we embraced fully and confidently our position in Christ and the devil had to leave and our joy was completely restored. But the amazing thing is, satan actually did us a great favor, we stood so completely steadfast in our Jesus that we were actually empowered by deeper growth as we allowed the cracks in our armor to be filled even more with Jesus!! 

So Satan was again reminded of his defeat, and we are stronger than ever!!

Here we stand on the brink of many changes and this morning Mike reminded me how David when he went after Goliath reckoned his victory before it even happened..as did Nemiah in Nehemiah 2:11-20, specifically verse 20. Where Nehemiah reckoned the success will be theirs. (referring to the rebuilding of the wall.)

Adoption is Jesus heart and the brink of change we stand upon, is also of Jesus. He has promised His faithfulness to many generations. And even though both the "Christian" world and the secular keeps changing, Jesus never changes. We rest in a God who never changes!!

The song link below is from a sweet friend of mine. It is very precious. Please take the time to listen to it and be blessed! 

Today after 2 years and 5 months, we get to be reunited with M and M!!! Thank You, Jesus!!
Today faith meets sight!!!!!

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