Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Plight of an Orphan

Shivering and cold and no place to call home... That literally is a two way statement because whether they are on the streets abandoned or find themselves in orphanages and foster homes, they are shivering and cold inside and still don't truly have a place to call home. 
Right now, our son we have been working diligently to adopt, seemingly has a home, but he really doesn't. He's another name, another number in the swarm of an international system. 
Every time someone or something grows dear to him, the stark reality is that it's not really his treasure to keep. 

He stands alone, defenseless in a world that doesn't care for him. Sadly he can't even turn to the Church in his tears. He's turned away coldly. 
Imagine a boy, I know him personally, he is begging inwardly to just be heard. For someone to care. 
He and his little sister still have each other but even then they aren't each other's treasures to keep, because this little boy ages out of the system in less than 11 months and he will be torn from his sister. Yes, she will still most likely be adoptable. 

Why cannot God's  people reach out and rescue these children? The millions of sweet ones just like them? Why cannot God's people reach out in support of a rescue mission? Or are we perhaps not Gods people anyway? 
God never lives contrary to His own nature. He rescues, He restores. He mends, heals. He loves, holds, cares. He cares deeply. He cares so much that He willingly died and gave everything to support rescue missions of abandoned children.

Satan had his own wicked plan for the Church. I will quietly slip in and start petty divisions. I will start quarrels among them. I will keep them so busy and deplete them of their energy so that they are too weak to rescue. 
I will subtly bind them in lust until it's all consuming sickness overtakes them. I will support a zeal within them to lay up their own prosperity. As satan deliberately continues his plot he whispers, "I will allow the once in awhile humanitarian within the corridors of Church to reach out in a pompous display and feel good about himself for doing it" but, and with his wicked laugh as he quotes Scripture, "he will have his reward" and he rubs his filthy hands together in glee that it won't be a heavenly one.

Sad...sad...sad...heart wrenching sad..
If we are the Body why aren't our hands reaching? Why aren't we breaking the jaws of the wolf pack and rescuing these sweet and precious lambs from their clutch? Why aren't we gathering these sweet young lambs and holding them in the security and protection of our care? Why aren't our tears falling for them?

 Tears are precious to Jesus. What if we could actually see the hidden power in tears. As they splash unbidden to the ground at our feet and there become a pathway for us to walk, that hidden trail toward rescue? Wow, it's amazing. It takes tears to wash away the scales from our eyes. Yet through the blurred vision of our tears, we actually distinctly see the children to rescue. We see their value and worth to a great big awesome God, their very own Creator. Our tears fall as that magnificent waterfall and there behind it's beautiful cascade, is true treasure~it's where the hidden heart of God is revealed. 

I choose the tears. I choose to turn these precious children's crying into glorious song. Thank you sweet Jesus. 
Many an alter call whether in my own back porch or in an indoor sanctuary, found my heart kneeling before a really big God and giving Him my little "insignificant". His eyes glistening with that unshed father tear gaze and He gave me the gift of Himself. I looked up through my tears to find His precious ones splashing on me, to find that my tears were really His own. Washing me, growing me into more of His image. 

You see, Jesus wants us to have that teary gaze that miraculously pushes out all selfishness, all what people call reality, all the wrong voices, till we see clearly only Jesus. Jesus in the widow, Jesus in the orphan, Jesus in our brother and sister, Jesus in our neighbor, Jesus in the homeless, the alcoholic, the abused, the broken. It never ceases to amaze me that it's always been the overlooked ones who catches that heavenly gaze of Jesus. They don't make it to our in-home bulletin boards and newspapers, but they are splashed all over heaven's headlines. 
Lord, I want to everyday see on the other side of the waterfall. And I need that teary   vision wherein the true nature of Your heart is revealed. 

With all this, I will hasten to say that I am honored to personally see the true bride of Christ~the Church at work, rescuing, being the hands and feet of Christ. And it gives me hope, strength, and courage as it deepens my resolve that truly Christ heartbeat is still here on this earth.  

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